About Us


All Access Foreclosures utilizes abstractors who personally go to the County Recorder offices to obtain our data as the documents get recorded, something no other pre-foreclosure provider offers. Why is this so important? Because it sets us apart as the first company to obtain this information and allows our members the opportunity to be the first investors or Realtors to contact the owners of these properties to offer their services.

All Access Foreclosures

We have been in the foreclosure data industry since 2005. Our experience has shown us that the most successful investors and Realtors in this industry are the ones who can make first contact with these homeowners. Additionally, our Notice of Trustee Sale records are more complete than any other service. Other providers use large digital batch servers in order to obtain their records, which often miss recorded documents, making their service incomplete in comparison to All Access Foreclosures. If you've used these other providers you will certainly notice the difference!